We believe each client has unique financial needs, which requires a personalized plan and strategy.


    Working with You

    Never worked with a financial advisor before? That’s okay; we are a straight-forward team and we make the process easy. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us.

    our-process-Getting Acquainted

    Getting Acquainted

    It starts with a conversation. We’ll discuss your goals, needs, and objectives. This is a chance for us to get to know each other and find out if we’re a good fit.

    our-process-Getting Started

    Getting Started

    Once we determine that we want to work together, we will begin to gather data and develop a plan that includes manageable action steps. Together, we’ll establish your milestones and set your plan in motion.


    Planning for Financial Transitions

    When you are going through a transitional period in life, we help you plan for the financial impact of those changes.

    We work with you to help protect and preserve your wealth during times of crisis, and to make appropriate adjustments to your plan after life’s transitions. Our mission is to help keep you on track toward your goals.



    Business Planning

    Effective business planning strategies are designed to help you plan for every stage of your business, from growth to succession planning. With proper planning, you can tap into the value of your business to support your retirement objectives or meet your family’s other financial goals.


    Business Operations

    We can assist with issues like cash flow analysis, tax planning, and financial analysis for your business.


    Business Succession

    We can help you understand your options when it’s time for you to hand your business over to your desired successor.

    Living in Retirement

    Because retirement years can span decades, retirement planning may dominate your financial goals. We work with you to identify risk, manage volatility, and optimize distributions to help you have a comfortable, stable, and tax-efficient retirement.

    In addition to creating a sustainable retirement income, we help you address the other key financial challenges you face in retirement. This includes exploring Medicare benefits, income preservation, maximizing Social Security and pension benefits, potential long-term care needs, estate planning, and creating the legacy you desire.


    Collaborating with Other Professionals

    Attorneys, CPAs, and other trusted decision-makers are key to your success. Rich will coordinate their efforts, or help you connect with the appropriate professionals, so you can navigate forward with confidence. The good news is that there is little Rich hasn’t seen, and he will always listen with an objective ear.

    Your Tax Advisor or CPA

    Working with your tax advisor or CPA, Rich helps to ensure you’re using the most tax- efficient strategies available to you.

    Your Estate Planning Attorney

    As a Certified Estate Planner®, Rich has the knowledge to assess your potential risks, and can work with your estate planning attorney to point you in the right direction.

    Your Attorney

    Rich works with your attorney to help ensure that your issues are resolved in the most appropriate manner possible, and according to your financial goals.

    Precision Financial Planning does not offer legal or tax preparation and accounting services.